Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 9: Latest Tech Tips - latest tech tips

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Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 9: Latest Tech Tips

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Well this is not very mysterious but a proud moment for "Latest Tech Tips". Well what does that mean, it means that "Latest Tech Tips" is now part of that rare domains which would be accessible through Google's I am feeling luck button.
Here is what you need to do.

1. Just go to
2. Type "Latest Tech Tips" in search box.
3. Press the I am Feeling Lucky Button.
4. You will be redirected towards "Latest Tech Tips" Home page.

I say proud moment because for a simple reason that "Latest Tech Tips" is a fairly new technology blog. After several months of dedication and passion and continuous introduction of quality content "Latest Tech Tips" has achieved this important milestone.

Until and unless Google's Indexing algorithm changes or I stop posting quality stuff on a regular basis I hope you will continue to witness this technology milestone. So folks thanks for the continuous support shown so far. Today I also introduced the email subscription peice which was missing since long time.

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