How to Avoid using Side Lock In Nokia X6? - latest tech tips

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How to Avoid using Side Lock In Nokia X6?

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I love Nokia touch screen phones and I personally use Nokia X6, but one thing really bothers me is the side lock button. It is really very handy but I think its very delicate and if broken can cost dearly. But can that button be avoided all together.

The simple answer to that question is a big "Yes". This trick is useful for Nokia X6, 5800, 5235, 5530, 5233 and most touch screen phones by Nokia with side lock / unlock. A solution for this problem is a simple app called "MazeLock". "MazeLock" allows you to lock and unlock your Nokia Phone.

Using "MazeLock" is really simple and it is available on the Ovi Store for free download. Just in case you are not able to download it then you can Download it from here

How does "MazeLock" work?
"MazeLock" basically allows you to unlock and lock your Nokia phone. It has a 3 X 3 dot grid in which you can specify a pattern which would be used to unlock your phone. You can simply go to settings and specify your own unlock pattern. Just enter the below default pattern in settings and then you specify your new pattern.

Just press the menu button once and a grid is displayed, all you have to do is run your fingers on the grid in the same pattern to unlock your phone. The pattern can be complex or simple based on your needs. Complex patter makes your phone access little more secure (to avoid friends from accessing your private stuff).

Locking the Phone was a problem for me for a long time as I could not avoid using the side lock button. Using "MazeLock" you can instantly lock your phone by pressing the Middle Menu key twice.

This means that you no longer need to use that delicate side lock key any more. But please note that in case you forget the pattern you might have to restart the phone by removing the battery as the app is not loaded when the phone starts. Then you might have to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Just avoid all this fuss by having a very simple a pattern.

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