How to Quickly Generate Email Ticket with GoDaddy if your site is down? - latest tech tips

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How to Quickly Generate Email Ticket with GoDaddy if your site is down?

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I am currently having a very strange problem with GoDaddy. "Latest Tech Tips" is currently not accessible from my home town Pune. I really don't know the real reason the problem seems strange as I am still getting traffic from other places around the world.

I personally hate calling people up so I thought it would be better if I email them my query and I searched few places around the web to finally see a webform which would generate a legitimate ticket for any problem with goDaddy services.

This is when I came to know the series of services they provide. Any ways here is the form url. I hope this helps all those who like generating a ticket via email for GoDaddy issues. GoDaddy claims the estimated response time is just 2 hours.

The form is very simple and instantly generates a ticket. I got a Incident or Ticket ID in a matter of few minutes. I still don't know what they are going to do with my ticket but at least initial part which is automated is effective so far. I will keep you guys posted with the response I get from GoDaddy.

Interestingly in the mail I received from GoDaddy it is written that I will get response within 1 day. That's really strange isn't it.

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