How is Oneplus 5 camera for photography? - latest tech tips

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How is Oneplus 5 camera for photography?

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I am using Oneplus 5 for more than 8 months now and its really hard to comprehend that its already 2 generations old. Anyways the topic of this article is to talk about Oneplus 5's photography abilities so let focus on that.

Like anything else, I will start with Pros and Cons of Oneplus 5 camera.

Pros of Oneplus 5 camera.

  1. Dual lens setup, interesting to get 2x optical zoom while doing smartphone photography.
  2. The camera app is very simple yet powerful at the same time.
  3. Pro mode to take excellent low light shots.
  4. A very fast performance which taking pictures and videos.
  5. Camera Lens is good but not the best.
Cons of Oneplus 5 camera.
  1. The 2X optical zoom lens is very ordinary, pictures are less sharper than primary lens avoid using it.
  2. Slower autofocus, it can be very annoying in certain situations.
  3. Overall pictures are not comparable to Nexus or Pixel series(I would prefer Nexus 6P camera any day compared to this one).
  4. When photos are seen on big screen on the computer you definitely feel something is missing. Not the best results again I am comparing to older generations Nexus 6P pictures.
  5. Non-pro mode lowlight images are acceptable, not exceptional.
Sample Images of Oneplus 5 camera processed:

I have an Instagram account @harshadsonaje where I regularly post pictures taken by Oneplus 5 please check out the account if you want to view more sample images. I use a decent amount of Instagram filters hence the images look good but hey, in the end, you want results.

If you are looking at Oneplus 5 mobile phone for its Camera features and your expectations are medium you will be happy with this phones camera. But if you are having very high expectations please look else where. If you are looking at all the other features of the phone and ok with a medium quality camera then too Oneplus 5 is a good phone for you even in mid of 2018. 

I will simply give this camera only 3 stars. I am not terribly disappointed but not extremely happy either. I am adding a half star for pro mode which gives you more freedom to make exceptional photos but 90% of the people don't really use the pro mode. Whenever I look at shots taken from my Nexus 6P I instantly feel I am missing quality.

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