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If you own a smartphone and its really a precious device for most folks no matter how much you bought it for, there is always a possibility of it dropping and cracking the screen. Some of the smartphones have glass backs even.

There are good smartphone cases which do protect your smartphones but for really best protection you have to slap a case which is very bulky. Those bulky cases protect your phone but take away all the beauty of the phone.

So to solve this problem a 25-year-old German University student named Philip Frenzel has come up with a genius idea. He has incorporated an Airbag like mechanism in a Compaq case which pops out spring-like assemble as soon as the camera detects a fall. It looks similar to an Airbag only difference is it can be reused again and again.

Philip calls it AD(Active Damping) phone case and has also secured a patent for this innovation. You might actually see this product on the market in the future. The mechanism is a great example of German engineering and innovation even for very simple yet very critical problem.

It deploys the spring in the case which pops out the mechanism both front and back of the smartphone which protects both sides of the phone, not just the back. It works very well on flat surfaces which is probably most of the times a smartphone gets dropped.

I was really curious so I searched for similar products and ended up finding an innovation from Honda. They simply took the same mechanism in a car's Airbag created a mini version of it for smartphone and there we have it a proper Airbag case. The only problem is its single use. At least it seems like that plus its a very bulky non-scalable design.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

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