Free Commander:Improves your folder accessibility tremendously - latest tech tips

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Free Commander:Improves your folder accessibility tremendously

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Most of us who use Windows OS generally access many folders frequently. Free commander is an extremely powerful tool which allows you to manage and mark frequently used folders in tabular form which can be accessed in just 1 click providing a huge ease of navigation. Free commander is a great alternative to standard windows File manager with really nice features.

The more you will use it the more you will love it.

Some of the really good features of Free Commander are
  • Dual-panel view - horizontal and vertical
  • Tabbed interface for quick access
  • Optional tree view for each panel to give a explorer effect in each tab
  • Built in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text or image format so that you do not have to open new windows.
  • File viewer inside archives too (Extremely strong feature you can view contents of zip file without unzipping it)
  • Built in archive handling: ZIP (read, write), CAB (read, write), RAR (read)
  • Built in FTP client
  • Easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu
  • Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders
  • Multi rename tool.
  • Wipe files
  • Create and verify MD5 checksums
  • File splitting( again a great feature where you can split a big file into smaller pieces so that they can be send across in mails, the file can be merged back to recreate original file)
  • File properties and context menu
  • Calculation of folder size
  • Folder comparison / synchronization
  • Modification of file date and attributes
  • Folder / program favorites
  • File searching (inside archive too)
  • File filters for display (Just type familiar letter in a file and you will get a list of file containing those name)
  • User defined columns for detailed view
  • DOS command line
  • Multi Language support
You can check the cool tool here

Hope this tool will change your life for good..

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