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Password: Choose it wisely

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In today's cyber world nothing is safe and things become more dangerous when we set passwords which are ridiculously simple to guess, its like invitation to hack your account. Having an unsafe password is like having a house with gold with a simple lock.

Its become more and more necessary to set a password which is difficult to crack and hard to guess. There are many tools on the net which are available to crack passwords which work on permutation and combination logic.

If you you want to check the strength of your password then you must visit you will instantly find if your password is strong or weak.

Few Do's and Don't while setting your Password.

Don't s
  1. Never use your or your family members name in your password.
  2. Your Birth date or relatives birth date is also vulnerable
  3. Passwords like 12345, "12345", 123456789, password, iloveyou, Rockyou, abc123 are commonly used which you should never have.
  1. Always have password minimum 8 characters long
  2. Always change your password periodically, If that's a problem then set a password which is really complex to crack.
  3. Always include alphabets, number, symbols in your password.
  4. The lengthier the password the safer it is from getting cracked with automated tools.
Following these priliminary steps will make your cyber life a much safer. So set a strong password before some one hacks you.

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