How does Facebook Graph search look and work? - latest tech tips

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How does Facebook Graph search look and work?

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I am one of the few lucky ones offered Facebook graph search now, I will try to explain you what all cool things you can do with Facebook Graph search.

So how to enable Facebook Graph search?
You will be prompted to do so in the below manner only if you have subscribed to the waiting list.

I think Facebook Graph search is one of the coolest features ever introduced on Facebook. All the information you and your friends have been putting since so many years is now accessible in few simple queries.

How to use Facebook Graph search?
Well just type into the blue ribbon at the top of Facebook home page.

Believe me if you use this feature wisely you can find any kind of information about your friends and your self as well.

Some of the coolest examples are

1. Photos I liked.
2. My Female freinds
3. My friends single friends
4. My friends who are XX years old.
5. My single Frinds
6. My married frinds
7. My frinds from XXX
8. Photos of my friends from United States
9. Photos I was tagged.
10. My photos taken in XXX
11. My friends from XXX

You can search for Photos, Friends, Singles, events, videos and so much more. the possibilities are endless and whatever you need its just there. All the data you and your friends create is now accessible in a matter of few clicks.

I loved this feature a lot and I am sure this will make Facebook even more addictive.

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