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Amazing Gigapixel Images around the world!!

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Whenever we buy a Digital Camera what is the first thing which comes in our mind? Well that's a no brainer correct we think of Mega Pixel and a max MP we can imagine is 20 or 25, but what if an image is about 2000 Mega Pixels large, yes those images are called Giga Pixel images.

I searched the internet and collected a collection of simply superb and amazing Gigapixel images around the globe. Have a look at them by simply clicking on the images. You can find the most minute of the minute detail in those images.

Its very important to note one thing here is that these images are not captured in 1 go. They are actually captured one after the other and then stitched together with special software's. Never the less they look really incredible.

So here you go sit back and relax. Also checkout the small images which are shown at the bottom of some images they are the magnified version of few corners of images which you can't even think of drilling down to. You can also play a simple game by actually trying to search for thumbnail images in the Giga image.

1. Night Shot:

2. Vancouver Canucks Fan Zone:

3. Dubai 45 Gigapixels (World Record)

4. Shanghai Skyline

I am sure you must have liked each and every one of the images I have shown you guys. Of course the images are courtesy and

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