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Why is Facebook changing ever so frequently?

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It seems short release cycles is a new trend in the web world these days. It was lead by Mozilla when they started launching newer versions in very small time frame, and the Social Media world has started seeing a cold war Google+ vs Facebook.

Facebook is changing and we all are seeing it. But what is really making the Social network to be really so ahead of time. We all know Innovation is driving the world today but it has its own risks. Lets look at the results of poll conducted on Mashable.

As you can see people are fairly confused and cautious, but they are also willing to give new Facebook a try. Now what could be the reasons why Facebook is changing so much. Well to be frank in Software companies all the features are developed in the past.

What that means is most companies work on the enhancements at least 1 year in advance as they also need to be tested before they can be opened to the general public. Also if you guys remember Facebook had a fairly long patch of time when there were not many updates or features.

This was the time when Facebook innovation team must have been working on these features. Now what is the need to introduce them in such a hurry. Well there could be several reasons.

1. Preplanned:
As I said earlier These features though look very interesting and new were worked upon since long time and their release was scheduled at this point of time.

2. Less Risk: 
Facebook has become a style quotient and cool aspect of peoples lives. Facebook is so strong today that it feels 800+ million user can't abandon it because of these changes very easily and they might be having some business idea connected to it.

3. Google+: 
Google+ though  very tiny compared to Facebook today has some very strong potential to give Facebook a run for its money and Facebook in no way is willing to sacrifice its dominance in the world of Social Media. Facebook wants to make sure people are tied to Facebook enough that they are not given enough time to think to stray else where. The moment people get used new features they are again blessed with new ones and the vicious cycle continues.

There could be many more reasons but the above ones could be the main contributors. Its always said that competition is something which is always good for the consumers and lets hope some good thing is in store for all of us.

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