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Indian Rupee Symbol Included In Unicode ver 6.0.0?

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In a pleasantly surprising and unexpected development, thanks to the Unicode Consortium and Indian Government the rupee symbol has been included in the latest version 6.0 of Unicode standards.

Unicode Version 6.0 has been updated with 2,088 characters, including the new official Indian currency symbol: the Indian Rupee Sign . Does that mean now you can easily type it in webpages, Gmail Facebook, Msword etc?

Well that will take time until all the fonts are upgraded to understand the new standards. But we can expect all that to happen soon since it took just around three months to get to this level which would have rather taken atleast a year, you may soon be able to see, rupee symbol wherever you want.

The Unicode assigned for Indian rupee symbol is U+20B9. You will be able to use the code & #x 20b9; for using it in html and other places once these font families are updated with the new Unicode 6.0 standards.

Cheers to the Indian economy and the Indian Rupee symbol.

This ₹ will turn in to rupee symbol once the fonts are updated with the latest unicode symbols.

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