How to easily Detect Malware on Your Website or any Blog? - latest tech tips

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How to easily Detect Malware on Your Website or any Blog?

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Do you know it is very important to make sure you do not have any malicious code in your website. Generally a Malware or a malicious program can be embedded in your website if its hacked by someone. This can not only cause dame to your website but also to people visiting your website.
A malware secretly access your website's readers computer and does harmful things like stealing or manipulating data without the users knowledge. This can badly affect your websites reputation and once your website reputation is damaged its very difficult to get your readers confidence back.

So how to detect Malware on your website?

Just visit Google Webmaster site and login with your Google Account.

Just Add your website URL in the Webmaster App by clicking the blue + button.

Just click on the Website you just added.

Expand Diagnostic Option and click on Malware.

It might populate a list of Malware or a message stating "Google has not detected any Malware on this site", if there is no Malware on your site.

Latest Tech Tips is malware free and hence is very safe as certified by Google Webmaster. You can also disclose this information to your readers if you want to build more confidence in them.

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