How to clean junk files in your harddisk on Windows? - latest tech tips

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How to clean junk files in your harddisk on Windows?

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Whenever we do internet surfing or we open any zip file or many other things, a copy of these files are stored in a Temp folder in Windows?

These files go on accumulating and one day you realize that your PC is performing very slowly and you wonder whats happening. Not only that a lot of disc space is also blocked some times up to Giga Bytes of data is stored in this junk manner.

It is very important to clean these unnecessary files on a very regular basis. And one such free utility which will help you clean your system is Disk Cleaner.

Disk Cleaner is an open source application and will help you clean your hard disc very efficiently. You will instantly notice the performance increase once you reboot the system after performing this activity.

Visit the site to download the utility and once installed you can easily use the User friendly interface to clean up all your junk files.If you are not able to find the exe then here is the directlink.

Let me know if you face any issues if any.

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