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Who wins between OLED vs QLED technology?

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If you are a true TV consumer aficionado then you must have been researching about OLED vs QLED like anything. All of a sudden we see a wave of Samsung’s QLED TV everywhere. But, the question is, is OLED technology the future? Many people would say yes as an answer, but is it real or is it just an advertising gimmick? We also have the rival OLED technology which is supported by all the top TV brands, what about this then? Which one is better?

If you are just a beginner and have no idea about the real battle which is going on now between OLED vs QLED, then you have come to the right place. We will tell you what they are, how they are different from one another and also the brands which support them.

Let’ begin with OLED.


  1. OLED is lightweight and thinner as well. 2.57 mm is the thickness
  2. It has self-lighting pixels
  3. Comes with convincing blacks
  4. Never blurs
  5. Disadvantages:
  6. Pretty expensive
  7. Available only in three screen sizes, that are 55, 65, and 77-inches

To explain it more, OLED is basically a completely different technology whereas QLED is just a tweaked version of LCD technology. OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode and uses a carbon-based film through which it emits its own light. The pixels in OLED produce light all by themselves and when it needs to go black, it gets switched off. It offers realistic black, provides no bumpy LCD backlight, refreshes pretty quick, and the self-brightness mode is good for movies. OLED TV gives you an experience of something special. It will make your movie viewing experience better.

Who offers OLED you ask? Well, Sony has been embracing OLED for a really long time now.

  1. QLED and its features
  2. Advantages:
  3. Dazzling whites
  4. Extremely bright
  5. QLED is available in a lot of screen sizes. It ranges from 49-88-inch. 
  6. Disadvantages:
  7. Not really slim
  8. Brightness is overpowering
  9. The refresh rate is slower

To be honest, QLED is just a marketing push. Samsung has been pushing QLED like anything. They made it their flagship model. On a serious note, it is almost similar to OLED. That’s the reason why it blocks the mind of TV buyers. QLED is Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode which sounds very different from OLED but in reality, it is not that different.

QLED is known for its inorganic quantum dot light-emitting diodes but unfortunately, it doesn’t emit its own light. It emits light from the backlight, unlike the OLED. And hence, they are not slimmer. So, in a truer sense, it’s not really the next-generating technology. Which is not really impressive.
Brands offering OLED and QLED technology

Remember the IFA 2017, where around 10 brands showcased their OLED TVs, but QLED, on the other hand, was only lying as the display by three vendors. Not impressive again. The rivalry between QLED and OLED is only about how they are marketing themselves. LG Display is the makers of OLED panel that we see on an OLED TV, whereas Samsung is the maker of QLED panels.

Brands supporting OLED technology

OLED is supported by most of the brands also because it provides high-quality picture resolution. OLED technology doesn’t seem to be lowering its price but however here are the brands that you can buy OLED TV from LG, Panasonic, Sony, TP-Vision, Skyworth, Changhong, Loewe, and Bang and Olufsen.
Brands supporting QLED technology.

Samsung single-handily handled the marketing of their QLED televisions. They are now trying to generate sales by attempting all kinds of marketing techniques. Basically, Samsung, Hisense, as well as TCL, together formed the QLED alliance in the year 2017. The QLED Alliance are trying to shift their market to China. China, being the world’s largest TV market.

Should you invest in QLED or OLED TV?

If you have a good budget in hand and are looking for a high-end 55-inch TV then you should definitely go ahead with the OLED TV, but in case you are running short on budget and want something smaller, then this might not be the right option. You can grab the LED TV coupons to buy OLED TV for your home right away.

Now, LG displays are the one who makes OLED panels and then we have Samsung who makes QLED panels. To come to a conclusion now will be difficult, but you need to see and think what you need out of these two panels. Maybe you need a better gaming experience or better movie experience. But, that should not be the way you should judge.

The electronic products should be taken under consideration in terms of the amount you can spend and also which brand you want to invest on. Take Samsung’s flagship QLED TV model, that is the QE65Q9F and then we have the OLED TV by LG OLED77W7P.

Which one is the future? OLED or QLED?

If you are looking for one thing only and that is a better picture quality then go and buy OLED TV. The QLED TVs are on its way to replacing LCD TVs soon but until then OLED TVs are still on demand and will remain so for a long time.

True QLED are not yet truly here in the market, but we are anticipating that they will be available soon in the upcoming years. As per reports, the day it will get launched it will give a tough competition to OLED TVs. Both of them have almost the same technology but QLED definitely comes with a few drawbacks too.

In 2019 Samsung is getting ready to launch the much rumoured all powerful QLED TVs. We can only hope for the QLED TVs to work on their brightness. OLED TVs are already flexible and have been winning hearts for a long time. OLED sets also offer an audio solution as well. This will give you a richer movie viewing experience.

For the time being OLED TVs definitely takes away the crown for being both the best as well as the most expensive. But unless and until LG starts working on producing more OLED panels for televisions and dropping the price, soon QLED will replace OLED.

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