OnePlus 5: What Twitter Janta thinks about OnePlus 5 Poll Results. - latest tech tips

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OnePlus 5: What Twitter Janta thinks about OnePlus 5 Poll Results.

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Oneplus 5 launch is just around the corner and there is a tremendous excitement amongst OnePlus fans to lay their hands on the OnePlus 5. People are holding off buying new device until OnePlus 5 is launched. I recently conducted a series of Polls on Twitter to understand reaction one various leaks about Oneplus 5.

So here are the poll results:
1. How much are people willing to pay for the new OnePlus?

So far majority of people are saying they are willing to pay around $449 to $499 for the new OnePlus 5.

2. Would people be willing to pay $600 for the new OnePlus 5?

70% of the people simply rejected the idea of OnePlus 5 priced at $600. There are possible indicators that there will be a leap in the price of the new OnePlus 5. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception OnePlus 5 will get at that price point. There may be a backlash from the Fans.

3. What will be your favourite color for the new OnePlus 5?

OnePlus asked people between 4 color choices(Black, Red, Golden and Unikorn) and I added those 4 choices in the twitter poll, lot of people i.e 80% selected Black (remeber the midnight  Black OnePlus 3T limited edition phone). It seems Black is the new favorite. The innovative color i.e. Unikorn received a very lukewarm response with only 12% going for it. You never know Unikorn might just become the new Rage as its very unique and shiny and no other Smartphone is available in that color.

If you look at history OnePlus has delivered flagship killer phones at really affordable price points, but the trend has been that the prices are increased in each release as OnePlus made improvements in the quality of their phone in each release. There is no doubt OnePlus will have some of the most advanced hardware specs in the industry but at what price? That's what we will find out in June 2017.

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