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Nexus 6p: Bootloop experience in great detail.

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Nexus 6p was my GOTO device and daily driver for almost a year, and finally, I experienced the boot loop problem which I was hearing for many days on the internet. Here is how it started happening for me, it took almost 3 days to completely switch to boot loop mode, Here is the complete breakdown of how I switched from a regularly functioning phone to Nexus 6p phone.

[caption id="attachment_3556" align="alignleft" width="1024"] Nexus 6p Bootloop[/caption]

Actual Bootloop

  1. DAY 1 (April-23-2017): On the first day I started experiencing the issue with receiving calls. I was not able to answer calls, and I had to reboot the Nexus 6p and call the person back, the value of ability to quickly answer a phone call is so precious, I realised on Day 1.

  2. DAY 2: Suddenly the phone started auto-rebooting I thought, I started getting a feeling of a cancer patient going through the final stages of his/her life.

  3. DAY 3: The modern day Black Screen of Death i.e. the Bootloop occurred, I had never seen Google logo for such long duration ever in my life, I for a moment though its a marketing stunt by Google as the screen was simply stuck on Google logo.

Huawei Customer Support:

  1. DAY 1: I am currently in USA so immediately called up 1 (888) 548-2934, after waiting patiently for 30 mins on the phone finally got to speak with Customer Service executive. I guess he was already aware of the issues with Nexus 6p so he quickly checked with me if I have tried few of the steps which sometimes recovers the phone, I said been there done that, so he took all details from me IMEI number etc quickly checked if device was in warranty (luckily it was under warranty). So the executive said you will get shipping label in 24-48 hours for the device to be sent to out Texas repair centre. I immediately asked for the Ticket number, got the ticket number (you need to ask for it).

  2. DAY 3: Waited for 48 hours, called back the same number explained why no shipping label sent. Then gave ticket number and found out that the ticket number was wrong. I was told I will get the label in next 6 hours.

  3. DAY 4: After not getting the shipping label, I called back, and this time the exec said I will surely get the label in 2 hours and I finally got the label.

Its important to note as I have heard you need to atleast call the service center 3 times to get the shipping label.

Huawei Device Support:

After receiving the device the same day I got below email message.

Dear Huawei Customer,

Thank you for choosing Huawei. This email is to inform you that our repair center has received your product. After validating that your device is in warranty, we will commence with any necessary repairs. When complete, you will receive another email with the UPS tracking number for the return shipment. In the event that we determine the device's warranty has been voided, you will receive a different email with further instructions. If you have any questions regarding your repair, please feel free to contact our Customer Support at 888-548-2934 (888-5HUAWEI).

Again, thank you for choosing Huawei. We truly value you as a customer.

Best Regards,

Huawei Customer Service

Looks like this is the standard message as the customer support exec had already verified my warranty.

Now I am waiting to hear back from the customer service on my phones status and I will update this post as things progress.

In the meanwhile here are some of the links which might interest you.

  1. petition (Get repair/replacement support from Google and Huawei for the Nexus 6P)

  2. Class action (Lawsuit against Google and Huawei on this boot looping issue)

Here is a video recorded by one of the youtubers.

Finally yesterday(May-15-2017) I got the phone back from Huawei service center. I am using my phone and very happy.

Overall Experience:

I would like to categorize my experience in two categories:

Before Shipping:

I had to call 3 - 4 times to customer care. Each time there is a wait time of 10 mins to 30 mins. You have to be very patient and not loose your cool. It took almost 10 days just to get shipping label. This part of customer service is extremely disappointing. I am not very happy with this part of service.

After Shipping:

Shipping is 1 day overnight Air Shipping, this is a very good aspect of the service. The service persons did introduce a minor scratch on my phone it's barely visible so I will excuse them. I got the phone within a week that's not crazy bad (in fact I would even say it's good). Phone was restored factory reset and was on Android 7 which was good as I did not have to go through series of upgrade steps and I only had one patch which I got OTA.  So after shipping service was good, it would have been exceptional if I had got a temp replacement device as it took almost 20+ days for me to get my phone in previously working state.

Anyways "All is well which ends well". I would give an overall 2 stars for the whole experience. If you also had to deal with Huawei with Nexus 6P bootloop issue please go ahead and rate your experience below.

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