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Momo an Intelligent Smart Home Assistant and an all-in-one smart home device.

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Have you ever heard of a home assistant which is a standalone security guard, smart home hub and a smart artificial intelligence based assistant at the same time? Momo - The smart home genius is exactly that. Momo is an all in one device which sits very pretty in a compact lamp form factor which compliments your living space and no one will know its anything more than a lamp. Just like Aladdin's genie Momo can obey your commands and serve you as well.

Apart from having exceptional cutting edge hardware which can learn patterns from your home usage via advanced machine learning algorithms, it also has a great mobile application. The mobile application can be used to give your Momo commands to control your appliances and Momo can send you important alerts.


Home Security:

Momo is equipped with Audio and Video capabilities which are smart enough to recognise familiar and unfamiliar faces. This way Momo can notify you if it finds any unknown intruders at your home. You can also disable these features on demand to protect your privacy whenever you feel appropriate.

Home Hub:

Speaking of alerts imagine you left your home with Oven switched ON, Momo will simply alert you, making you aware of the situation and allowing you to control the Owen from wherever you are.Isn't that complete peace of mind, not worrying about home security and appliances no matter which part of the world you are. Momo integrates with most of your devices at your home appliances and you can conveniently control all of them from your phone.

Smart Assistant:

Momo supports gesture controls and keeps learning your usage patterns and starts to manage your home based on those patterns. Momo is backed by very advanced machine learning capability which will keep improving and adapt as it learns more and more things about you, the more you use it. As time passes Momo becomes your home pal rather than a simple monotonous device sitting in the corner of your home.

Momo is a very promising Kickstarter project from Europe and currently backed by more than 100 backers.


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