FitBit server has abruptly crashed - latest tech tips

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FitBit server has abruptly crashed

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Today morning when I tried to sync my Fitbit it didn't allow to sync and I was abruptly logged out of the App. On trying again I got a message we are experiencing an issue while contacting the server. When I tried to login to my account from the web I got the message

It's not you.
It's us.
We're experiencing an internal server problem.
Please try again later or contact support.

The server error seems to be in Americas region.

The exact cause of the crash is unclear but few reasons could be:

  1. The server has crashed due to technical reasons like a bug or hardware issue.

  2. Too much traffic on the server also crashes servers sometimes but usually companies like Fitbit have very strong load balancing servers.

  3. There may be a possibility of DOS attack (Denial of Service attack) when the server is flooded with too may requests by hackers.

  4. It could be possible that FitBit server is hacked (Hope not)

One thing is for sure it's not a planned service maintenance as it has happened without any announcement.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new NEWS arrive.


Fitbit server is up and running.

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