How to continue using India's Mobile Number in USA at virtually no cost? - latest tech tips

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How to continue using India's Mobile Number in USA at virtually no cost?

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Well if you are travelling to USA long term or short term its very important to have your India's mobile number with you. But as you already know mobile companies charge heavily on International roaming. The very though of paying heavy price for international roaming discourages many from bringing their India's mobile SIM card to the USA.

Be it getting the OTPs (One Time Password) for bank transactions or getting regular updates from friends and family in India, having mobile from India is very critical in the US. Having India's mobile number can also be very helpful when you are going back to India and you want to call someone from Airport.

Long story short what if there is an inexpensive way to use India's mobile phone number in USA. Well here is the trick.


You need to have a IDEA prepaid card for this purpose. If you are having a mobile service from any other provider simply use the power of MNP (Mobile umber portability) convert your phone to IDEA prepaid and simply come to USA with the same number. IDEA has a very good tie up with AT&T and T-Mobile the two major cellular carriers in in the US. IDEA was initially launched as AT&T service many years back in India.

Here are the general expenses.

  1. Incoming SMS are FREE (Biggest relief), Out going SMS around Rs 15.

  2. Incoming and out going calls (Around a $1 per min) only use this in emergencies.

  3. Internet is expensive (Recommended not to use)

Having prepaid card helps immensely as you cannot be overcharged ever and worst case scenario your balance will go to 0. If you are worried about recharging your phone there is very easy and convenient recharge facility by and you can get your phone recharged in few mins.

You have to take few precautions though:

  1. Periodically use your phone once in a month at least send SMS to some number in India.

  2. You can also make a call to India from your Indian number but it will be little pricey.

If you don't follow these practices IDEA will simply disconnect your phone and give your number to someone else. Your number will be auctioned or given to a new owner in India. Once your number is gone it will be gone for ever so be careful.

Use this Money saver tip and enjoy staying connected with India inexpensively.

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