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Microsoft finally introduces a laptop which can replace your tablet.

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Don't worry about the post title, its perfect. After 4 iterations of the Surface Pro tablets, Microsoft finally introduced a solid Laptop which can directly compete with Apples Mac Book series. Microsoft  surprised everyone with their latest edition of products and the concept of continuum was also very impressive.

Microsoft's has finally accepted that they are way behind in the mobile Applications space and now they are more focused on PC sales i.e. Windows  10 sales. Microsoft's new strategy to project the Windows 10 OS as a single OS for all devices is very impressive but its still needs to be seen if the OS and the hardware complementing it will be widely adopted by the masses. Converting a phone to a full blown PC definitely increases productivity, but do you really want your phone to replace your laptop?


Today the trend in Mobiles and Tablets world is very simple, to be successful they need to have a very powerful backing of the Apps in their ecosystem, Microsoft is trying to try out a different strategy by saying hey you can install more applications on a regular PC which can also be your tablet, but its not very clear if the masses really want a Tablet to function like a PC or a Mobile to function like a PC, all devices have individually carved out their own space in the devices categories and mixing all devices to deliver similar functionality may not be really what everyone wants.

Comping back to surface Book, the biggest complain Microsoft Surface Pro users were having was about the Type/Touch cover. It always left the user with a desire to get something more. The price tag of the Surface Pro devices was already very high and paying $125-150 additionally for a keyboard accessory was something very unreasonable. Speaking of price even the Surface Book is extremely expensive. If you desire to purchase the absolute top end variant of the Surface Book with i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Solid State Drive and more you will actually have to pay a premium price of over $3199.

Its very clear that the top end variant of the Surface Book is only for the absolute professionals and not for the general users and if you are thinking of buying it you might actually need to have a good credit score to get financing from a bank. If you have bad credit history then its out of question for you to buy the Top end Surface Book. In case you have a bad credit score and want to try your luck you can use services from

Microsoft has given a very clear signal by introducing their own first Laptop, if a Laptop is to be built on Windows 10 it should be done this way. It is very obvious that the introduction of the Surface Book has taken the world by surprise, the biggest worry is for Laptop Manufacturing companies which ship Windows 10 as their default OS. Microsoft has created competition for their own partners.

At the moment the Laptop manufacturing companies are fine as the Surface Pro and Surface Book product line are in the premium expensive products category and not everyone wants super sharp touch screens and pay a premium price for it, but as the Windows 10 OS will gain more and more popularity we will start seeing newer generation and kinds of Laptops, who succeeds in the mission to conquer the market only time will tell, but one thing is for sure Apple really needs to put its thinking caps on now.

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