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Remarketing vs Retargeting – which is better?

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Many people think that remarketing and retargeting are the same digital marketing techniques, but in fact they are very different and each should be understood to be harnessed. They have similar objectives and names but are executed differently, and can make all the difference to your company’s online profile and reach.

There is plenty of jargon out there when it comes to digital marketing and search engine optimization, which is why many people think that remarketing and retargeting are the same things, but despite the similarity of the words they are two quite different areas.

Remarketing vs Retargeting – which is better

Retargeting refers specifically to the ongoing process of ensuring there is returning traffic coming to your website, thanks to targeted advertising schemes. An example of this is offering customers adverts for products which they are interested in and have previously looked at on your website. By retargeting so that these ads then reach the customer through a different forum, possibly at a different time when they return to the internet, you can make it more likely that you will make the sale by having targeted your interested customers specifically.
Working with partners such as Facebook, Google, and Yahoo means you can reach 98% of sites on the internet using Adwords Remarketing techniques. There are brilliant platforms out there which can support your retargeting campaign so that you have maximal impact.

Remarketing, however, is the process of making the most of shopping carts which have been abandoned by using automated email. What this means is taking the products that customers are clearly interested in and come close to buying, but for some reason or another hesitate or decide not to, and sending that customer a personalized email which will remind them of the product and why they might need it. Making it as straight forward as possible for the customer to then purchase the product via a link from the email, once again makes the likelihood of making a sale all the greater. This technique is designed to increase conversions and can do wonders for your business.

These two approaches have different audiences and target shoppers with different approaches and need to be treated as such since they have different conversion rates. With remarketing you can really harness the potential of your business by working with digital marketing experts on this. You can use this technique to really understand the buying cycle and get to grips with what turns potential customers into concrete sales. You can also define targeted messages which will show previous visitors from any channel, but exclude those who have recently made a purchase from you. This means that you can re-target any sales which were previously lost, while up-selling newer products and services.

Remarketing and retargeting are both very effective sales strategies, as they reduce the cost per impression you make and allow you to have cost effective branding, allowing for a wide profit margin. As well as being an economical decision, they offer precise targeting so that you can build a relationship with your customer base.

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