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REVIEW: Inflight WIFI service in Emirates Airlines.

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Its hard to imagine staying connected to your loved ones when you are 40000 ft in the air, but as technology has advanced its easily possible now. Emirates is one of the few Airlines which offer WIFI service in flight and I recently had the opportunity to use it.


WIFI Speed:

I was actually little amazed to see the speed, it was very reasonable even though the bandwidth gets shared between all the users using the service during the flight. It uses Satellite connectivity to provide internet service. I just did a speed test during the flight just out of curiosity and found it to be reasonable for general surfing, chatting, Facebook. Actually I even called my mom on Google Hangout using just voice and it was pretty good with Video it was little lagging.




The Emirates in flight WIFI service is free for first 10 MB and at a very modest charge of $1 you can upgrade to get $500 usage. You have to pay the $1 charge using your credit card.


The quality of connectivity is also very decent and rarely the connection dropped. This was quiet evident during the call I made to my mom.


I was extremely pleased with the in flight WIFI service from Emirates and would highly recommend people to use it during the flight. Considering the price point the value you get is simply superb especially for people on business trips with long flight duration they can simply continue with their work and stay connected even during the flight. If you have any further questions just drop a question as a comment and I will be very happy to answer it for you.

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