What can cause page content to disappear in wordpress? - latest tech tips

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What can cause page content to disappear in wordpress?

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The other day I wanted to update my Contact Us page and was surprised to see that all my page contents had disappeared. When I visited the edit section of the page the content was there but for some strange reason it was not getting displayed. I did lot of research, modified existing content and checked again in preview mode and all the time it showed no contents.

Having no content in Page in WordPress is a very annoying thing for readers of the blog or people who want to communicate to the authors of the blog and I wanted to restore previous working behavior immediately. After doing lot of thinking I narrowed down this problem to a Plugin called floating share.

After deactivating the plugin the behavior was restored. This only means one thing always be careful when you install new plugins and keep a track of which plugins you added. If you are not sure try to deactivate each plugin at a time and check if behavior is restored or not. If you are facing similar issue it might be some other plugin which is inter-fearing with your blog content.

You might face problems especially with plugins which are old and not tested on latest versions of WordPress, try to avoid these plugins which are not updated by developers regularly.

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