Top 3 basic mistakes while shooting videos with smartphones. - latest tech tips

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Top 3 basic mistakes while shooting videos with smartphones.

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One of the biggest contributors of YouTube videos are videos which are shot by smartphone cameras. Having a good smartphone means your job is half done but the rest half is key to shooting great videos, because you never know which one of your videos would go viral or help you preserve wonderful memories. We all want to shoot great videos with smartphones and if we avoid below basic mistakes we can end up shooting great videos.

Below are the most common mistakes while shooting videos with your smartphones.

1. Shooting in Portrait mode or Vertical Videos:

This is one of the most common mistakes by 90% of the smartphone shooters. Just imagine every TV, PC Monitor or any screen in the world is moving from square shape to rectangle shape. So if you want to shoot videos which will utilize the entire real estate of the screen its necessary that you must shoot your videos in landscape mode(Horizontal mode). Portrait (Vertical) videos are only compatible to be viewed on phones thus restricting its audience to just smartphone users (Whats App) which is definitely not what you want.


2. Digital Zoom:

99% of the smartphone cameras do not have any optical Zoom. So the substitute becomes digital zoom. Unfortunately digital zoom is not optical zoom and you always end up shooting videos of highly inferior quality. Say for example you have 13 megapixel image. Then you zoom that image and crop one portion of the image. You will notice that the resultant image looks little blurred. This is exactly what happens when you digitally zoom the videos while shooting. If you are away from the subject try to get close. If not possible shoot from however close as possible. If really required you can use video editors to zoom only some portions of the video where its actually required and end up preserving the quality and resolution of the image.

3. Too many shakes:

90% of the smartphone videos you see on YouTube are having loads of shakes. Shakes make the quality of the videos look really poor. In a perfect world you would love to have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). but you cannot have it in most cases. To avoid shakes try to rest your hands on a steady surface. If not possible then try to have a strap tied to your smartphone. Put that strap around your neck and hold the smartphone tightly with the strap acting as a stabilizer. You will find dramatic improvements in the video quality with such a simple trick.

Just by avoiding above 3 simple basic mistakes you can create some very high quality videos which you can showoff among your friend circle and share on YouTube. Do share your experience after implementing these tips.

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