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Motorola's surprisingly horrible refund policy.

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It was a cold winter day when I booked my own Moto X 2014. I was excited and happy to get my new Moto X. Just after receiving my device I was shocked and ended up returning it. Well here is a full description as to why I returned my Moto X. Now its been almost 2 months since I returned my phone to Motorola and guess what I am still waiting for my refund. Here is the proof of phone returned.

It seems like Motorola has one of the slowest and most frustrating refund policies. There is no clear mention of exact time frame for your money refund and the only way to contact Motorola is by calling Motorola customer care which hardly cares about customers. After waiting for almost a month I called the customer care and they agreed about the delay and said they will take my matter on an urgent basis(haha it was a cruel joke). Then I waited for a week and no reply or refund. Then I called them back and about the calling time to connect (believe me it takes around 40 mins) to connect to the correct person. Check below image if you don't believe me.


After all this frustration I finally got hold of someone responsible sounding executive and she assured me she will take my matter on a urgent basis and guess what the time frame I got for getting back my refund, it was 2-4 weeks (yes it was 2 - 4 weeks and not days). This is after the 4 weeks had already passed. Its already been 3 weeks since then and there is no indication of refund. I keep emailing these guys and so far 3 different support representatives have replied to my emails and all saying the exact same thing.Moto X 2nd Gen
We are sorry for the delay and thanks for being a valued Motorola customer. We are processing your request.

This is really shocking experience especially in United States that too from such a popular company. Never wanted to write this post but just wanted everyone to be cautious of this aspect of Motorola before making any decision on buying any Motorola products. I will make sure that this message reaches the highest level in Motorola management to make them aware of the unfair practices followed by Motorola for processing a simple refund.

Below are some of the details of my case:

Date of return: 3rd March 2015.

Date when logged a complaint: 2nd April 2015.

Case Reference number: 150224-018257

I will keep updating this post with the updates of my refund.

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