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Why did I return my Moto X 2nd Generation?

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With great hope and expectations I placed an order for my new Moto X 2nd Generation. I had ordered Moto G few months back and was very pleased to see the phone performance at such a low price. This encouraged me to order Moto X 2nd Generation with a simple rational that I will get much better package now that I am paying at least 3 times the money. The phone arrived on time and I was extremely excited to open the box and upgrade myself from the old Nexus 4 to the new monster Moto X.

The disaster started almost instantly when I opened the box here is how it went.

1. Disastrous Screen:

Super AMOLED screen has a pale warmer tone. I was expecting some warm tone but when the phone started I was shocked to notice that the phone was outright yellow and the white never ever looked white. I was almost in a state of shock when I kept the Moto G and Nexus 4 for comparison my heart sank. The color reproduction of all colors was highly inaccurate on this phone. I called the customer care and I have to admit they gave me a code to reorder a new phone with just a simple question about the problem. I ordered a new phone and within a week new phone arrived.Moto X 2nd Gen

I opened the box with least expectations and guess what the White was a little less yellow this time and it was clearly problem with my first device. Still the color was much more warmer compared to Moto G and nexus 4, but some how I convinced my heart to hang on to the phone.

Couple of days progressed and I started noticing the second problem.

2. Very average battery life:

Motorola did a wonderful job with the design of the phone but the battery inserted in the phone was very average. My phone used to be almost 10% by the time I used to return home.  I was very disappointed but I still thought lets hang on little more. May be I will fall in love with this phone over the next week.

Then I took my family to Fun World (In door games arcade place) and thought of taking some pictures and there goes another shocking aspect of the Moto X.

3. Very Average Camera:

When I took the photos of my family especially my kids in the indoor lights (not even low lights) I got very disappointing results. The photos were very poor and grainy, after just a little zooming I could see all the grains in the picture and I realized that the camera here even though has 13 MP has a very bad sensor at least in low light situations and my level of dissatisfaction was piling up. but I still thought I should hang on.

I continued using the phone over the week and tried to use the Moto Voice feature which makes this phone a great hands free phone and this is my experience with this Moto Voice feature.

4. Moto Voice barely works.

What I observed was that Moto Voice was just a layer on top of Google Now. It worked sometimes and sometimes it took quiet a bit of time to process my voice and then redirecting the message to Google Now. This made my hands free experience full of lag. The Moto Voice is a great feature but my experience was that it's still at a very early stage and not perfect. Its powerful but not implemented properly.

This additional layer stopped my interaction with Google Now using voice and I had to go via Moto Voice which was not a very pleasing experience. Below video from YouTube actually demonstrates my experience in a very meaningful way.

After so many factors piling up in my mind I finally decided to give up with this phone and returned it. Moto X 2nd Generation was a very good phone but some of its capabilities always left me with a feeling of dissatisfaction and a sense of incompleteness. Moto X 2nd Gen even though the latest phone by Motorola has more problems in my opinion than features, it can give you both happiness and pain at the same time. I really wanted this to be my phone for next 2 years but alas it wasn't meant to be.

To rub salt on my wounds I haven't received my refund from Motorola even after almost a month of returning the phone. I don't want to discourage you from buying this phone, many of you might not mind the problems I mentioned and will just be happy with the phone, but just keep in mind one thing there are many flag-ship phones at the same price point which are available today like LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and One Plus One available which you should defiantly consider before you pull the trigger.

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