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Top 10 reasons to buy Moto X 2nd Generation over Nexus 6.

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If you are confused between Nexus 6 and Moto X 2nd Generation and need some help in your decision making then you have come to the right place. I am going to run you through some of the coolest aspects of Moto X which will try to entice you to tilt your decision towards buying Moto X. To be honest this is not a comparison between equals, but it surely is a comparison between practicality and impracticability. Lets treat it as a comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy Moto X 2nd Gen over Nexus 6.

1. Motomaker:

If looks and customization in your phone is your top priority then the Motorola motomaker can help you actually build your own smartphone. It can help you choose your back panel, front panel and lot more. The back panels are available from materials like leather, real wood and high quality plastic and a variety of colors. You can also engrave your name or your loved ones name on the phone making it a perfect gift for valentine's day which is just around the corner.

Note: If you are one of those geeks who like changing the phone often then engraving your name might not be a great idea as the new buyer will think a 100 times before he buys your phone and it will reduce the market value of your phone a lot than a phone which has no personalize name.

2. Price:

Nexus 6 is priced at $649 and Moto X (2014) is priced at $499 however for a limited time it's actually available for $399 if you order by valentines day. This makes the Moto X around 40% cheaper than Nexus 6. Some of the carriers are giving it for free with a 2 year contract.

3. Size:

Moto X is a phone and Nexus 6 is a phablet. You cannot operate Nexus 6 with a single hand. The size of Moto X is 5.2 inches diagonally and Nexus 6 is 5.95 inches. Even though the difference is less than an inch when it comes to actually holding the phone. See the huge difference in the size for your self below.

Nexus 6 vs Motox (2014)
Image courtesy

4. Moto Voice:

Formally known as Moto Assist, this is one feature in Moto X which differentiates itself from all Android phones, you can actually talk to your phone without even touching it. This is such a great feature which allows you to interact with your phone when you are driving or your hands are wet or full with other stuff. There is no smartphone which is capable of matching the true value this feature adds to your daily smartphone use. Nexus 6 does not have this feature. This feature makes this phone the smartest smartphone in Android space.

5. Active Notifications.

This is another complimentary feature for which compliments the Android OS. Using active notifications you can configure upto 3 Apps to show their notifications when the screen is locked and it actually shows you the notification with the slightest touch or a gesture over the screen. The phone lites up only required pixels and thus saves a lot of power.

6. Stock Android Experience:

This is not a stock Android phone, but it surely is one of the fewer close to stock Android phones which has extra features which compliment the Android OS and not try to dominate the OS. You might not get the latest OS updates as quick as Nexus devices but with just few weeks difference does it really matter that much. Not really.

7. Form factor:

If you really love the Nexus 6 form factor then there is no reason why you should not like the Moto X as Nexus 6 is designed out of Moto X. People actually call is a blown version of Moto X (2014).

8. Benchmark:

The benchmark index of Moto X 2nd Gen is very decent and is at par with many competitive devices. Its not as good as Nexus 6 but for sure its good enough to survive for another 2 years.

9. Touch less controls:

The Moto X 2nd generation is a phone with lot of very strong features which compliment the android experience. you can actually control everything on the phone without touching any physical buttons. This in itself is a great functionality as many people hate touching the phone buttons to start and lock the screens.

10: Lollipop already out:

If you think android L is something which is making you tilt towards Nexus 6 then relax. Android L 5.0  is already out for Moto X 2nd Generation.

Let us know what you finally decide.

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