Google launched new hardware store removes it from play store. - latest tech tips

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Google launched new hardware store removes it from play store.

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Google does not have a great track record of selling hardware products, most of the times the products are not even available in the hardware store. To take things more seriously Google has removed the Devices section from the Play Store and introduce a dedicated section for hardware and devices.

If you are expecting awesome deals and great discount you may be little disappointed as the prices in the store are same as Google had them in the devices section. For a limited time the shipping is free on all devices.

So why did Google do this?

Below are the possible reasons.

1. Have a dedicated and focused market place for hardware products linked to Google eco System.

2. Not mix hardware and software products together.

3. Show seriousness to the world that selling state of art hardware is also important for Google.

Currently the store has products like SmartPhones, Tablets, Chromebooks, TV & Video Streamers, Android Wear, Nest and other Accessories. Google now redirects users from the Devices section in the Play Store to it would be more fun if Google starts selling hardware products at competitive prices rather than the retail prices.

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