Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 online paid and free options. - latest tech tips

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Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 online paid and free options.

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If you are a cricket Fan and living in Unites States and don't want to miss the cricketing action then there are few good options available for you. Of course nothing in US is free and you have to pay for everything you watch. I am going to list few alternatives in free as well as paid category.


How to watch India team matches in WC 2015 for free?

In case you are a Indian cricket team fan and want to watch Indian cricket team matches in World cup 2015 for free then there is one reliable option. Its not HD and connection is slow at times but its better than all the spam online options and that option is watching the matches on DD National channel. The good old way may be sometimes with Hindi Commentary. Here are some options below.




How to watch all 2015 cricket world cup matches by subscribing?

ESPN has exclusive access to 2015 Cricket World Cup content and you can avail HD online content by paying a hefty $99.99 subscription fees. The quality is better and if you have high speed internet then you can actually watch it almost HD.

Other option with ESPN.

Step 1 : Install Hola Extenstion in Chrome and then turn it on. Choose country as India

Step 2 : Now open this link : (Make sure hola is pointing to India - you will see the flag next to address bar)

Step 3 : The above link will show you a package to buy for world cup 2015 for INR 120 (approx $2) . Go ahead and purchase it using US Credit card. I chose net banking from ICICI cos that would be pain free rather than paying from US CC . Better to choose Indian banking product to avoid transaction from getting blocked.

Step 4: It will take you back to starsports page after payment and might show you an error. Dont worry about it. Login to My accounts and My orders - You should see the purchase as Complete.

Step 5 : Disable Hola Extension from Chrome. And install Zenmate chrome extension. Choose "Hong Kong" as country . They dont have India . Close the browser and reopen it

Step 6 : Open and watch LIVE HD FEED

This option was posted by Pankaj on

I will keep updating the list as I discover good quality options.

Last Updated: 23-Feb-2015.

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