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Cool Tech: Google Cardboard a cheap and cool VR solution

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Have you seen those expensive virtual reality devices, or do you remember the Microsoft Holo Lense which we just covered few days back? Well Google has as always come up with a cool tech which uses a simple cardboard, a bunch of simple lenses and few inexpensive magnets to create a simple device which will convert your Smartphone into VR(Virtual Reality) headset.

Screenshot (11)

All you need is the Google cardboard kit, your android smartphone. You can also download the cardboard cutout from the internet and convert any cardboard into VR kit if you want a cool weekend project or want to save $10. The way this works is it converts the card board into a very cheap but practice VR head mount, splits your smartphone screen into 2 screens very much like a 3D TV and uses the smartphones gyroscope and accelerometers to give this very cool VR effect.

Screenshot (10)

Just download the Google cardboard apps, You will be surprised as to how many apps which available for this cool technology. Checkout the below video to get an idea of the possibilities of this tech going forward. Right now its just for fun, but you will soon see very important apps coming to utilize this technology.

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