Which are the best Android Smartphones available for T-Mobile Network? - latest tech tips

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Which are the best Android Smartphones available for T-Mobile Network?

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If you are confused with buying an unlocked smartphone within T-Mobile network, then this article will try to eliminate that confusion. T-Mobile has a decent network across America and also have very enticing Data plans. The $100 for 4 lines is a really very good plan which includes unlimited talk, text and 10 GB 4G LTE data shared across all for lines and after the data is consumed it downgrades to 3G which is still very decent.

The biggest problem with T-Mobile is the networks data frequencies which are little less modern and not all smartphones support them. The details are mentioned here. So depending on your budget here are some very good smartphone options which will give you very good data speeds.

1. $100 - $150:

The best option in this price range is Nexus 4. It seems a very old phone but you really get very good Internet speed on this Phone. You can get this phone for less than $150 easily and its also up gradable to Android Lollipop 5.0 (Will recommend not to as it really slows the phone down). stay on kitkat. Let me remind you it does not support 4G LTE but I have got some very good speeds of up to 12 Mbps easily on this phone.

Nexus 4


2. $150-$200:

In this category the best you can get is Moto G Second Gen US Edition. The US Edition does not support 4G LTE either. And its 3G speeds are modest 5 Mbps. The phone however is very good on performance.


3. $200-$350:

If you can really go up to $350 then Nexus 5 is very good option for you. It does support 4G LTE and is totally compatible with T-Mobile network. Nexus 5 is a beast of a phone for its price point. Your only challenge is finding the phone as its no longer easily available in the market. There is one website expansys-usa selling these refurbished for a moderate discount but they only have 32 Gigs left in stock and they are slightly above the $350 target, but hey try to find Nexus 5 on Amazon or ebay and I am sure you will find one.


4. $350-$450+:

Well in this range I will surely recommend the LG G3. This Phablet phone is one of the best looking and performing Android phone present till date. It has a gorgeous design and it does support 4G LTE and is also officially distributed by T-Mobile its self. You can also go for Second Gen Moto X which is a beautiful phone as well but slightly high on the price point. Make sure you check the network bands supported for these phones as they are manufacturing is influenced by Network providers.


If this article was able to help you take a decision then please comment below. If you have any questions then too let me know I will be very happy to help you out.


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