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What is Microsoft's HoloLens?

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Imagine you are watching the Taj Mahal in real life and a though comes to your mind how would it look with a blue color? Well its now possible with Microsoft's HoloLense. All you need to do is wear the MS HoloLens and paint it with blue color using virtual tools available with Microsoft's HoloLense. MS HoloLens simply blends your digital life into your physical life. It looks like Google glass but a completely much more advanced concept than Google glass. Its a technology based on Holographic computing.


Just watch this demonstration which will blow your mind. Who would have though that the simple holograms which we look stamped on regular products will take this kind of  shape ever.

The idea is so Sci Fi that the very fact that this technology will be available in just the same time frame when Windows 10 will be available is simply mind boggling. The usage possibility is so high that it will change the way we do computing and live our lives. Microsoft's HoloLense is a computer, projector and a lot more and its coming to our door step very soon.

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