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We have moved to wordpress

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After many years of being with blogger it was finally a hard but logical decision to move to a self hosted site and we have successfully migrated to Wordpress. For you readers except for few UI changes nothing should change all the content is migrated successfully and no need to worry.

The transition was very smooth and was done today the first day of the year 2015.


Following are the reasons which compelled me to switch to Wordpress.

  1. Content ownership: Now I can proudly say that I am the full owner of the blog and its content. Blogger is good but you cannot own the content.

  2. SEO Friendly: Its ironic but Wordpress is more Google friendly than Blogger.

  3. Rich Ecosystem: Unlike blogger Wordpress has many plugins and loads of developers and developer communities. Its like upgrading yourself from Symbian to Android.

  4. Tons of Themes: We have tons of really amazing paid/free themes to choose from.

  5. Millions of users: From a rough estimate Wordpress has 60 million+ users and counting. Why 60 million are significant? because all of them are paying for the service and are mostly serious bloggers. Since Blogger is free service many advertisers ignore the publishers considering them as rookies or less serious.

  6. Experts Advice: If you talk to any SEO expert or a pro blogger it will be a hands down verdict that every one will suggest you to migrate to Wordpress.

Below video motivated and helped me a lot in the whole migration process. Thanks Greg Narayan

Now that the transition is complete I will come up with my experiences and tips and tricks to make the transition flawless.

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