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CES 2015 All you need to know about Sling TV

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CES 2015 was full of surprise announcements and one of the most interesting announcements was about Internet based live TV called Sling TV. The product is launched with a very interesting targeted audiences and they are people who are willing to cut the chord and the younger gen who likes viewing most stuff on their smart gadgets. As we all know cable bills are piling up each year and many Americans feel the time has come to cut the chord.


The only things which keeps people from cutting chord is the Sports packs which Americans absolutely love. But Sling TV has come as a pleasant surprise to many. It has only 11 channels for a modest fee of $20, no contract yes you heard it right no contract and you do not need any credit checks either.

How does the sling TV work?

Well its internet enabled TV technology, all you need is a smart device example smartphone, tablet (Android or iOS), ROKU or Amazon Fire Stick/TV. Install the App and start using it. If you don't like it simply stop the subscription. No contract or obligations.

How to get Sling TV?

As per company website its an invitation based system and you need to request for an invitation from their sling website. Not sure why companies end up with this approach of marketing but it must be working really well as the One Plus One is following the same model.

Which channels are available?

At the moment ESPN, ESPN 2. TNT, Cartoon Network, TBS, Food, HGTV, travel, CNN and abc family are available for $20. All the channels are very popular with tons of viewers. On Demand content will also be included for the previous 3 days of shows. There is something for everyone.

Can you use Sling TV with Chromecast?

There is no clarity yet if you can cast the phone/tablet content on your TV like Chromecast support etc but I am sure it will come sooner than later.

Who is Sling TV for?

Its mainly for those people who are fed up of paying huge cable bills and have either cut the chord or about to cut it, for the youth who like to see all their content on phones or mobile devices.

Can you add more channels?

Yes you can but it will cost $5 extra per channel.

Is it expensive?

If you look at the number of channels being offered for $20 its just 11 but if you have a 100+ channel package as per a recent study it indicates that majority of people view only a selected few channels i.e. less than 15. And the 11 channels offered are having most of them.

Does it have DVR capability?

At the moment its either live or on demand for last 3 days, so no DVR but you never know a cloud based DVR for some extra cash just might be in the horizon.

Whether you want Sling TV or not you have to decide but at least its worth giving it a shot. If you dont like it stop it any time. Take Back TV if you have already cut the chord.

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