Money Saver Tip #1: Use Gas Buddy App to find the cheapest Gas filling station around you.

So in this series of money saver tips here is the first installment. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that “America runs on gas” and filling up cheapest gas in your area could actually save you lot of money as sometimes there is a variation from few cents to up to 50 cents difference in highest and lowest gas prices in gas stations around you? There is a wonderful crowd sourcing based service with iTunes and Android apps.Using this App you can actually compare gas prices around all the gas filling stations around you. Gas prices keep fluctuating each day and filling in cheap gas can save lot of money. How does the App work?
How does it work?
Well its a crowd sourced Service /App and many people using the App actually update the Gas prices they filled in. The app also shows when the price was updated so that you get an idea if the update was not too old.

Money Saved!!!
Let’s say that there is a modest saving of 15 cents per gallon finding cheap gas and you visit gas station once or twice a week. Below is a yearly saving.1. Once a week:
Assuming Gas filled is 10 gallons.
10 gallons * 15 cents = $1.5
$1.5 * 52 weeks = $752. Twice a week:
Assuming Gas filled is 10 gallons.
10 gallons * 15 cents = $1.5
$1.5 * 52 weeks = $75
$75 * 2 (per week) = $150.

So you can actually save $75 to $150 minimum per year. Its really an awesome saving considering the fact that you don’t have to take lot of effort. I assumed very modest savings per gallons. In some n best cases your savings could be several hundred dollars depending on the size of your vehicle and no of trips you have to make to the gas station.

Enjoy your savings with this new Money Saver Series.

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