Playing Pokies on a mobile - latest tech tips

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Playing Pokies on a mobile

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Nowadays it seems everyone has either a smartphone or a tablet computer, allowing Australians to enjoy their favourite pokie games at home or on the go. All you need is a internet connection and you’re good to go. Online casinos have created many different types of pokie games that will work on various mobile devices, all you need these days is a mobile phone with a web browser to be able play your favourite pokies on the go.

How to get the pokies on your mobile device

Every smartphone and tablet computer has the ability to provide Aussies with a great mobile gaming experience. From iPhones and iPads, to Samsungs, Nokia and Blackberrys, Pokies can be enjoyed on them all. To download a casino on your mobile, simply visit any of the mobile casino websites offered on our site and download their app directly from their website. These games are arguably as addictive as Candy Crush Saga, which has been a huge sensation on mobile devices worldwide.

Most mobile applications can be downloaded from Google Play if you’re using an Android, or the App Store if you have an Apple product. Some online casinos won’t have their casino application on either of these stores, so you will need to go directly to their website and download.

Tip: When downloading direct from the casinos website, be sure to download the mobile application and not the PC version.

Mobile casinos take in more revenue than Las Vegas

With technology advancing at a extraordinary pace, online casinos are listening to the demands of their customers, and today there’s more mobile casinos available than ever before. In 2014 it’s predicted that mobile gambling revenues will reach $11.4 billion, which is more than double the $6.2 billion in revenue all Las Vegas casinos earned in 2013. What’s more, a Juniper forecast suggests that by the end of 2015, more than $48 billion dollars will be wagered by players using just mobile devices.

One things for sure, the advancement of mobile phones is changing the way we game. No longer do we need to travel to a pub or casino to play on a limited selection of games, instead we simply click one button and have several casinos offering us heaps of games, promotions, and value.

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