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Chat Support to Increase Conversion Rate

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Chat support is one customer communication method that’s still underestimated by some companies. Wrong notions and ideas have been created around it. But it’s a fresh concept which consumers really like.  It provides an excellent experience for the customer and it can become a powerful tool for increasing sales and conversion. Here are some of the ways live chat can affect conversion rates for good.

Better than Email

Live chat is definitely better than email due to its response time in addressing customer queries. People can now chat with an agent and get the answers right away, rather than waiting for an email. When questions are addressed quickly, customers are more likely to purchase what they need, without the inconvenience of time. Buyer interest is also saved because time delay in giving responses is removed, not giving customers time to doubt and look for other options.

Easier to Retain Information

People are more likely to retain information that they see on a website, rather than what they hear over the phone. In fact, most people are likely to talk with someone with pen and paper because they can’t remember details during the conversation. When communication is done via live chat, customers can read the exchange over and over, not missing anything on their part.

More Comfortable for Communication

When customers are engaged with live chat they gain confidence in speaking with the agent. There are individuals who are apprehensive about talking over the phone for various reasons. But when they chat, the only thing that matters is the message seen on the chatbox and nothing more. There is also time to think of the response, which is great for eliminating misunderstanding and improving communication. They are also given the freedom to start, continue, or stop the conversation when they want, making them feel like they’re on top of the world.

Excellent for Busy Customers

We all know that simply finding the time to make a call can be a challenge some days.  With live chat, customers who are online can do other things like viewing videos, surfing different websites, or working with projects while they seek additional information about your product or service. Live chat allows people the option to multitask as and when they want. And it’s not just limited to being in front of the computer. Some on-the-go customers can even chat using a smartphone while in a busy waiting room waiting for their appointment or while using public transport…places where they generally wouldn’t call you from.

Upsells will not Sound Pushy

Upsells during the phone conversation can be awkward at any given occasion, especially when an agent is not too sure when to inject the idea. But with chat support, asking for a customer to buy something will generally not come across as pushy. The message is direct and there is no bad air that can stir a negative response. The right use of words on a chat can quickly spark the interest of a prospective customer for purchase or membership. Reading words do not give that pushy feeling. You can just type your response without the feel of being convinced too hard.

More Sincere and More Connected

Customers feel more attended to and taken care of when they have chat support agents addressing their needs. The accessibility of the chat rids the feeling of a “barrier” between the company and the customer.  Chat support agents, especially when they have great command with words, can do more than agents over the phone. They can empathize, give direction, offer help, and ease tension without creating a sound of doubt or pessimism. Agents create a connection that’s easier to get attached to.

It’s just as effective as a phone call, but is not as costly for the company. Agents can even handle more than one chat session at a time, thus saving expenditure on manpower. With these benefits, companies can still aim for achieving high sales and conversion rates without putting too much stress on resources.

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