Will 3D printers be a boon to the construction industry? - latest tech tips

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Will 3D printers be a boon to the construction industry?

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Can you imagine designing your own house, its interiors as well as selecting the different kinds of materials to be used for constructing your house and a giant 3D printer would print it for you in a matter of 24 hours.

Well this is not a science fiction idea but it might just become a reality in the near future. The dependence of construction companies on human workers for constructing homes, buildings, companies often results into schedule slippages and high costs. Coordinating thousands of workers to achieve a goal (constructing a building) can be an uphill task.

You might wonder what would workers do when this technology becomes mainstream, will they be unemployed over night. May be not. Emergence of new technology eliminates old redundant jobs but gives birth to more smarter jobs. Take for example making of a car. Robots are used for making cars since a long time but still we have workers working in these giant factories.

Jobs like designing 3d Models, Interiors and advance architectures which will be capable of using this technology will start emerging. Regular workers could be used to monitor the working of these giant 3D printers. Possibilities are endless and so are the opportunities.

Just imagine you lived in your house for few years and you want to change the design of your house. You can either donate your old house to a needy friend or sell it to someone else, there are companies in the world today which relocate houses, then 3D printers would build a new house for you in just 24 hours. Imagine people changing their house like they change their gadgets every few years.

3D printers are still at a very primitive stage of evolution and hence are expensive, once these printers and its technology will become more acceptable and popular, the price will surely come down and so will it result in increase of its usage.

People will start making their own artefacts, furnitures or even cutlery with these 3D printers, after all the only thing which will stop you from making or shall we say giving birth to something cool will be your imagination.

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