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Promote Safe Driving These 4 Apps

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Talking on a cell phone, texting and even simply searching for music to listen to are all common distractions that can prove dangerous while driving. According to, at any given moment 660,000 people in America are using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. There are a variety of apps that stop drivers from doing these distracting behaviors and make driving safer. Here are our favorites:


Samaki Rewards is an iPhone application that teaches safe driving habits by giving out points for good driving behavior. These points can be then traded in for discount coupons or gift cards. Samaki tracks top-speeds, sharp turns and text/talk times for drivers with the app on. Bad behavior, such as texting while driving, will deduct points. App users can then exchange their points for prizes such as gift cards from Visa or discount coupons on various car-related products. Samaki only rewards points if you aren't playing with your phone, so set it down and drive. Samaki is free from the iTunes store, and available exclusively for the iPhone.

Ford's SYNC AppLink

Ford's SYNC AppLink gives Ford drivers control over their compatible smartphone applications with their voice through the on-board Ford computer. Using many of the same voice commands you already use to access apps and programs on your phone, Ford SYNC AppLink lets you stream radio and access voicemail and various other functions without having to touch your phone. Hands-free access is safer for driving, and Ford knows it. Available on select vehicles, many Ford dealers in Phoenix, California and the Northeast offer this voice-activated technology.

My Max Speed

Utilizing your Android smartphone's built-in accelerometer, My Max Speed creates a record of the speed your car has traveled throughout the day. This log includes speed and location information parsed out every five seconds and data generated by the application can be exported into a spreadsheet. This data is an accurate-enough record to dispute speeding tickets, and for parents of teens hoping to promote good driving, it can serve as an excellent way to track their driving habits.
Additionally, the app can even create a per-designated zone it can travel within and send SMS alerts should the phone exit that area. The ad-supported version of My Max Speed is free, and can be upgraded to ad-free for $4.99. It is currently an Android exclusive.


Waze is like the Facebook of navigating traffic. A community-driven app, Waze is updated in real time by users to share the locations of traffic and road conditions and offer workarounds. Waze users work together to plan routes, find the cheapest gas and avoid delays. By alerting users to police traps, accidents and dangerous road conditions, Waze has built a userbase of more than 30 million Wazers. Faster and more detailed than Google Maps, Waze is free and available for iOS and Android.

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