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GIVEAWAY: Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter and Sonic PDF Creator

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Who doesn’t love free software? With the right giveaway you can build a full featured toolbox with software that ranges from video and image editing programs to antivirus and desktop publishing tools.
Well, to help add to your collection, is giving you a chance to get your hands on TWO PDF software tools for free—Able2Doc 7 and Sonic PDF Creator 3.

Their giveaway comes just in time as professionals and students start settling into their research work and daily routine on the computer.  If you’re either one looking for software that can help you handle PDF files, this giveaway will interest you. All you need is a Facebook and Twitter account.
Here’s a closer look at what you can get.

Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter

The first software tool available is Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter, which will allow you to convert PDF to Word and PDF to Open Office. This tool is perfect if you need to edit or reuse content you have in the PDF format. Other features include:

•    PDF to MS Word conversion (.DOCX, .RTF, and Word 2007)
•    Conversion to Text, Frames and Standard MS Word outputs
•    PDF to Open Office Writer (ODT)
•    A select-to-convert feature allowing you to convert lines, paragraphs, a few pages or the entire file
•    Advanced conversion options that enable you to convert tables, graphics and simple text
•    Works for  Windows, Mac and Linux users
Sonic PDF Creator
Second software up for grabs is Sonic PDF Creator. It allows you to create secure PDF files from any digital document format you can print. It can also modify PDF documents. Here’s a short list of its many features:

•    Options for adding headers, footers, bookmarks and attachments to your created PDFs
•    Advanced editing options - add or deleted pages, edit PDF properties, merge and split PDFs
•    Security options for encrypting, watermarking and protecting your PDFs with passwords
•    The ability to create PDF booklets and handouts
•    Batch conversion options for converting more than one document to PDF in one step
•    Windows platform compatible

How To Enter The Giveaway
To enter, click on the Like button on the main Investintech Facebook Page. Afterwards, visit the giveaway tab.
If you’d like to receive Sonic PDF Creator: 

*Note: enable pop-ups in your browser and make sure you’re logged into Twitter

a)    Enter your Twitter user account ID within the time dialog and click on Submit.
b)    Click on the Retweet button to share the giveaway message. Click to confirm your tweet.
c)    Follow @able2extract.

Investintech will deliver your free Sonic PIN via Direct Message on Twitter. You can then download a trial version of Sonic and input that PIN to unlock the full version.  Make sure you’re following Investintech on Twitter. They cannot send you the PIN if you aren’t following them!
Once you click on retweet, the dialog will disappear to reveal your Able2Doc download code. To get

a)    Copy the 5 digit code.
b)    Click through on the “Able2Doc PDF to Word Giveaway” link below.
c)    Paste your code into the field provided on the main Able2Doc product page.
d)    Select your desired computer platform.
e)    Click on download.

Your free version of Able2Doc will start downloading automatically.

And that’s all there is to it. You can easily start converting and creating PDFs whenever you need to without having to spend a single cent.  This is a simple deal with a ton of benefits, so check in on this giveaway before it ends!

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