Why is Gold iPhone selling like Gold? - latest tech tips

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Why is Gold iPhone selling like Gold?

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The champagne colored iPhone has become a frenzy amongst the new iPhone 5s buyers and its witnessed across the world.

As expected across the globe there were huge scores of people standing in queue to get their hands on the latest iPhone but this time there was a twist. Many people proffered the Gold iPhone and it quickly ran out of stock.

As people found out that the gold iPhone is sold out they started dropping off. About 30% of the people standing in the queue went back home empty handed as they preferred Gold iPhone than anything else.

Same was witnessed in Chinese Taipei. When asked to on of the buyers he gave a very good reason. He mentioned that the Gold color is the single distinctive differentiators that the phone is a new iPhone.  The white and grey are still legacy colors and no one would know that these are new iPhone.

Taking this general feedback seriously Apple has asked its vendors to actually produce more Gold iPhones as they are getting sold out fast. Many people love the iPhone for its premium nature and style quotient and Gold simply will add to their style statement.

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