Did Microsoft Destroy NOKIA to aquire it? - latest tech tips

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Did Microsoft Destroy NOKIA to aquire it?

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Now that Microsoft has announced its so called Bold acquisition of NOKIA's mobile business for a little over $7 billion it seems that this was planned way back when Stephan Elop joined Nokia as the CEO.

Looks like its was mission destroy Nokia so that Microsoft can acquire it when the valuation is at the very bottom. Its a well known fact that Nokia had a very outdated platform for its mobile business but its hardware is still world class.

Microsoft sent Stephen Elop as a CEO of Nokia to make sure he chooses Microsoft Windows Mobile platform over Android. The entire world knows and it was a no brainier that had Nokia gone with Android Nokia would have easily reclaimed its number one position in smartphone industry but Stephen Elop chosses Windows over Android.

Microsoft will buy Nokia's mobile business that means the Lumia and Aahe series phones. Nokia brand will continue to exists but won't manufacture any mobile that means a abrupt death of one the world's finest mobile brands.

Clearly the mission was to create a third alternative ecosystem and to tell the world that come what may Nokia will not adopt any other platform.Now there are unconfirmed reports that Stephan Elop will be next Microsoft CEO.

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