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Two Facebook No-No’s

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It is no secret that Social Networking is the way of the future. There are certain unspoken rules of the internet, and certain guidelines that come along with Social Media. Almost everybody in today’s age has a Facebook account, although when you sign up, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t come knocking on your door, hand delivering you your personalised copy of the Facebook etiquette (or as I like to call it Facebookiquette). Unless you are an eleven year old posting selfies, here are two Facebook no-no’s.

Re-sharing your posts

Picture the scene, you have just posted a fantastic status which you are totally proud of, you return a few hours later expecting to be greeted by a flood of notifications to help you feel like you have hit it big. You sadly return to find a single notification, alright, that is better than nothing, probably a comment you think. Nope, sadly it is actually an invite to some irrelevant event from that one ‘friend’ you met at a drunken party a few years ago. We have all experienced this heartbreaking reality in some way. There is a correct and incorrect way to deal with this.

Incorrect: As your face turns red, you sit back feeling cheated. A few minutes earlier you saw a pretty blue-eyed girl’s status of “xoxo” receive thirty seven likes and nineteen comments. The world doesn’t make sense! In your blind rage you decide to re-share your previous post. You have just committed a Facebook no-no.

Correct: Your reaction to seeing that your post has received no feedback should be something on the lines of this: Visit site, see no notifications, go “Meh... Oh well” and move on. Remind yourself that just because no one commented or liked it, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t read. Also, remember that not everyone has the same interests as you, something you find interesting may be as interesting as watching grass grow to the next person.

Posting Spoilers

This is a cardinal sin of not only Social Network sites, but pretty much a sin in all forms of life. I know that after watching some hardcore plot twist or witnessing the death of your favourite character in Days of our Lives (again), is an extremely traumatic event. It is human nature after something exciting has just taken place to want to talk about it. Just remember that not everyone watches the above mentioned shows at the same pace as you do.

Talking about spoilers, even if they happen to be from an old TV show or movie should always be a massive no-no. However, if you really think it necessary to want to speak about it, make sure you give the reader fair warning. This is probably one of the only times it is acceptable to type in all capital letters (another internet no-no). Typing “spoiler” before your post may just prevent you from ruining someone’s day, and could possibly save you your life

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