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Oracle Certification Exams in VM

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Virtual Management from Oracle offers two certifications for IT professionals seeking implementation specialist credentials. These include the 1Z0-540 exam, which is for VM 2, and the 1Z0-590, which is for VM 3.0.

Both exams validate the abilities of implementation specialists to complete projects involving VM technologies from Oracle. Testing candidates must be able to configure and install a VM Server as well as deal with VM Agent and Manager Installation and configuration methods and processes as well. To successfully pass either of these exams, candidates must additionally be capable of utilizing VM templates to their fullest extent and in the appropriate manner for optimizing efficiency with project specific criteria.

Oracle highly recommends candidates ensure they possess contemporary field experience working with VM Server and related technologies prior to registering for this exam. Candidates should additionally employ a well rounded training program or exam preparation scheme in order to ensure they are successful on their first testing attempt. Oracle offers training resources as well as practice exams for both tests. Other online resources, like (click here), for example, can be utilized in place of Oracle’s programs or in addition to them.

Though specifically developed to validate the competency of Oracle Partner Network members who sell and implement Oracle VM products and technologies as well as support services, the 1Z0-540 and the 1Z0-590 are open to any IT professional and boost the standing of individuals in their field of career focus.

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