Bitdefender Free Antivirus is a must have for every PC. - latest tech tips

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Bitdefender Free Antivirus is a must have for every PC.

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In today's world where data security of supreme importance its very essential to have a genuine Antivirus installed on your system. Antiviruses protect your PC from unwanted malicious threats which have potential to corrupt or steal your valuable data.

Antiviruses generally tend to be expensive software which tend to slow down your system as they are constantly scanning your computer for threats. That's a small price you have to pay for securing your computer and data stored in it.

Well what if you could get a genuine antivirus software and that too at no cost whatsoever? It’s actually true. Bitdefender Antivirus, one of the world’s leading internet security software companies, is now offering the Bitdefender Free Antivirus to cater to your needs.

I have personally used the Antivirus on my system and here is what I experienced.

1. Its free so nothing should harm you from giving it a try.
2. Its light weight.
3. It has negligible impact on your PC performance
4. Scans your PC while its getting installed.
5. Virus Database is up to date.
6. Cool User Interface and experience.
7. You can use Google/ Facebook accounts to login.
8. All your PC stats are maintained online for future references.

1. Installation took some time.
2. It asks to uninstall existing Antiviruses (non mandatory so no issues)
3. Updating the virus DB can take some sweet time.

Overall this Free Antivirus is worth loading on your PC to protect it from threats and like it says its "Best Antivirus Technology in World for Free". Try it today, Better safe than sorry...

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