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Top ways to get more Facebook comments and likes.

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Many of us are obsessed with Facebook likes and comments. We are not just interested in seeing what others are doing but also want to make sure others like what we are doing on Facebook. These are the thump rules for Facebook profiles as well as Fan pages.

You might be highly disappointed when you see no likes and comments to you FB posts. What are the reasons and how can you improve.

1. Video: Videos get 50% more attnstion and have better chances of likes and comments.

2. Photos: People love to see your photos especially when there are girls in them. Photos get 53% more likes and comments.

3. Movies and Music: Any update about these topics will surely catch many eyeballs and you will see lot of responses by end of day.

4. Food: Hotels, food, alcohol are the things which make Facebook what it is today. Make sure you visit cool places in your city and also check in once you go there. Sometimes you might end up meeting few of your pals there via Facebook.

5. Questions: Normally has 100% chance of a Facebook like and comments.

6. Periodic Updates: If you keep posting often people might start anticipating your updates and will be delighted when you eventually update on Facebook. Posting 2 times a day gets 40% more engagements and 3-4 times a week gets 70% more engagements.

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