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Top 4: Nexus 4 Accessories you must definitely have.

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Nexus 4 is a very cool phone and if you have some essential accessories it can transform into mean machine. I ordered few of the accessories from

Here is a list of accessories which you must have.

1.  FlexiShield Skin For Google LG Nexus 4 - Smoke
This inexpensive shield protects your Nexus 4 back and front glass very well. It fits the Nexus 4 very well and looks very good. 
2. MFX Screen Protector 10-in-1 Pack - Google LG Nexus 4
Yes you wont believe but its a pack of 10 Nexus 4 screen protectors which will last your cellphones lifetime of usage and will continue to protect it for a very long time.

3. Car Mount Cradle for LG Nexus 4
This simple accessory converts your Nexus 4 into a full fledged GPS device. With the power of Google Maps and ability to position you phone in a comfortable position in your car you can nejoy your phone in the safest possible way while you are driving.
4. a-Jays One Heavy Bass Impact Earphones

This is a pure sound mean machine. No headphones but you wont regret at the price point the sound quality you get is phenomenal.

I ordered all of the above from and the service is superb.

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