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Mobile Selling Experiance and Tips on

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I sold many household items on and very recently sold my Samsung Galaxy S2. Selling on is a very convenient way of getting fare price for your stuff which enables buyers and sellers to directly talk with each other.

But before you post your Ad on its very essential that you have some things handy with you especially while selling mobile phones.

1. Mobile Phone Box:
Many people throw it away but while selling this plays a very vital role. It adds at least 10% more to your phones value.

2. Bill: 
Extremely critical element in selling used phones is the original bill. This differentiates mobile other phones from your phone. This will add 15% more value to your phone value.

3. Accessories: 
Always try to use your accessories wisely as if you have them it adds more value to your. This will add 10% more value to your phone.

4. Price:
Be realistic while quoting the price.Imagine you want to buy a pre owned phone who much will you be willing to pay. Then add 15% as a buffer to that amount and then put the amount. The extra 15% is your negotiation amount. If you are able to sell your phone without negotiation its a bonus and if not at least you know how much you can come down.

5. Picture:
Its always good to post the picture of your phone with all the stuff so that buyers get more confidence. I sold my Galaxy S2 without any picture as the phone still has lot of demand but generally Ads with picture get more responses quickly.

If you have at least 4 out of above 5 things your chances of selling and getting good price for your phone go up very exponentially.

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