How to take archive backup of any Google Service? - latest tech tips

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How to take archive backup of any Google Service?

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Getting backup of your data on Google can be very painful. Be it Photos, your blogs or anything else on Google you have to find different tips and tricks to download your own data as a backup.

What if there is a extremely simple way? What if you could download all your data in a matter of few clicks?
1. All you have to do is visit

2. Then select the Google Service of which you want to take a backup of your data.
3. Google will quickly determine the size of data and you can start downloading.

Below services are covered under this archive service.
+1s, Blogger, Buzz, Contacts, Drive, Goggles, Google+ Circles, Transfer your Google+ connections to another account, Google+ Pages, Google+ Photos, Google+ Stream, Hangouts, Latitude, Profile, Reader, Voice, YouTube.

My favorites are blogger and Photos.

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