A must have car mount cradle for Nexus 4 - latest tech tips

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A must have car mount cradle for Nexus 4

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Google Nexus 4 is a very good phone and as we all know Google Maps are counted among the best in Navigation. Also having a smartphone and using it in your car can be very tricky. The best way is to have a car Cradle to attach your Nexus 4 Phone.

I recently ordered one such car mount cradle for my Nexus 4 phone from http://www.mobilefun.com and I must say its very impressive. Not only does it help keep the phone very safely attached when you are driving but it also helps you use your phone safely while driving.

I found below compelling reasons of ordering this Cradle.

1. Converts your Nexus 4 into a perfect navigation device while driving.
2. You can easily accept calls while driving.
3. You can even convert your Nexus 4 into a music player by simply attaching the sound chord and putting into car musics systems AUX input.
4. Makes driving more enjoyable.
5. Increases the utility of Nexus 4 even further.

I have used this cradle many times in the past week and I have to admit its a perfect accessory for your Nexus 4.

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